5 Tips for Making Your Windscreen Replacement Last Long

Nothing compares to the shock of having a rock fall up from the road and into your windshield as you travel down the highway, leaving you with a cracked or chipped windshield. Even a tiny chip can turn into a crack if not fixed, spreading across your windshield and obstructing your vision, requiring windshield replacement. It can be exhausting to replace your entire windscreen, but if the damage is severe, you almost always have no choice but to replace your auto glass.

However, maintaining your auto glass properly can save you from spending excess on windscreen repair and replacement.

Car glass is an essential component of a car; It helps shield passengers from wind, rain, dirt, and road debris and gives a clear view of the road ahead. But other dangers like rocks, road salt, and other things can also damage auto glass. So, ensuring that your Auto glass is in its best position is essential. Here are five tips for making your windscreen replacement last long:

1. Avoid Parking under Direct Sunlight

2. Check chips and Repair Cracked Windscreen quickly

3. Wash Auto glass with a good quality detergent

4. Replace Windshield Wipers regularly

5. Avoid slamming the car doors.

How to Maintain Your Windscreen After a Replacement

1. Avoid Parking Cars under Direct Sunlight

Parking your car directly under sunlight can put your car's complete structure, including the windshield, at risk. Direct sunlight results in extreme temperature exposure, which results in stress cracks, increasing the tendency of the entire windscreen's damage. A crack already present might also spread due to temperature extremes, particularly in direct sunshine or extreme cold. Window tints are also sensitive to UV rays and could get damaged. Moreover, exposing your car to fluctuating weather conditions could also damage your car's upholstery. We know that rain and sunlight can easily penetrate the vehicle if any tiny hole in the car window is left open. Parking your car under a shade, in a garage, or basement could prevent windscreen breakage and increase the durability of your car's windshield.

2. Check chips and Repair the Cracked windscreen as soon as possible

When a foreign object strikes your car's windshield with great force, it may cause chips, cracks, or even the formation of bubbles between the glass layers. Regardless of how small they are, these windshield formations can result in serious harm if ignored. They might expand larger over time resulting in the driver not seeing clearly through the front windshield. Moreover, the damage might be severe enough to jeopardize the glass's safety, leaving you with no choice but to have the entire windscreen replaced. Car owners get cracks and fissures, but delaying repairs is what costs more. If you discover any damage, seek immediate expert repair because even the tiniest crack can compromise the structural integrity of your car, and factors like extreme heat or cold can further erode the glass.

3. Wash Auto glass with quality Car Cleaning Agents

In addition to improving visibility, keeping your windscreen clean can prevent additional harm from small chips or cracks resulting from carelessness. So make time to wash the windows of your car frequently. Moreover, using cleaners explicitly designed for windshields in cars with a soft microfiber towel/cloth is advised to protect it from any avoidable damage. Using the wrong chemicals to clean your auto glass, such as ammonia-based glass cleaners, DIY cleaners, abrasive household sponges, paper towels, etc., could leave scratches on the screen, damage the glass tint, or leave streaks on the window. Always verify the ingredients in your glass cleaners before cleaning your car.

3. Replace Windscreen Wipers regularly

Windshield wiper blades are essential and one of the simplest components on your vehicle. It is very easy to neglect windshield wipers, except they are broken, and you need to get rain or dents off your windscreen while driving. The condition of the windscreen wiper can affect your auto glass state. It is essential to take proper of your car wiper. It is made up majorly two components, including a metal structure on the inside and a rubber coating outside.

Over time they wear down, which can cause friction between the wiper and the windshield because when the rubber coating wears out, the metal structure touches the windscreen directly. Be sure to replace your wiper blades when needed because as they get old and wear down, they won't flex properly and may leave scratches on the windshield. This could lead to you needing a chip repair for your auto glass. It is always an important factor to consider, whether you just had your windshield replaced or not.

4. Avoid slamming the car door

Your car is completely enclosed by glass, including the windows, windshield, and back glass. This means that when you slam doors can crack or break a windscreen because of the pressure. Be cautious when closing the doors to prevent potential windshield damage. When the door is closed with so much pressure, it causes vibrations inside the car, which usually have a negative impact on the windscreens. Moreover, if the glass already has small chips or cracks on the surface, it could expand each time you close the door hard. So ensure you close your car doors gently.


Car Maintenance is easier than you think! However, the upkeep of a recently replaced windscreen should be straightforward. You can increase the lifespan of your car's glass and decrease the need for future expensive repair work with enough care and effort. Put these suggestions into practice now that you know how to protect your car's glass.


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